Welcome to Orion PTY LTD,

where we bring you the future of technology. As a rapidly growing information technology company, we are dedicated to pioneering innovative IT solutions that drive transformation worldwide.
At Orion, we specialize in

  • Design Services: We create compelling posters, videos, and logos that resonate with global audiences.
  • Software Development: Our custom software solutions address diverse business challenges and optimize operations.
  • Networking Solutions: We facilitate seamless communication within organizations through robust network setups.
  • Web Development: From websites to web applications, we excel in crafting digital solutions that elevate online presence and user experience.

Looking ahead, we're committed to simplifying the adoption of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, making technology more accessible and impactful for businesses worldwide.

Join us on this journey of innovation and discover how we can empower your success through cutting-edge IT solutions.



Current Projects


Our Skills

We are always trying to improve our skills in order to give the best technical services.
Here is how skilled we are....

Designs 97%
Web Development 89%
Software Development 75%
Networking 60%